Patients Without time



How patients "acquire" medical marijuana in Hawai'i

remains a dangerous and frustrating procedure.


Hawai'i's medical marijuana patients want answers.

For over a decade the State of Hawai'i's official answer to all registered medical marijuana patients questions regarding how to acquire their medicine has been met with silence. The Hawaii Medical Use of Marijuana [Physician and Patient Information] states:

"State law is silent on how a patient obtains his/her marijuana."


Patients still can't legally buy pot,

14 years after medical marijuana law took effect

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

This Hawaii News Now video about medical marijuana in Hawaii seems to imply that a child with a rare disease is being "injected" with cannabis oil, and the video shows medical syringes filled with black oil. The typical dose, for an adult cancer patient, is a small drop on the tongue, or eaten with a food carrier, such as bread, or encapsulated, for ease of swallowing. We are following up on this confusion.



The conflict between the Hawai'i lawmakers and Maui's Police Department came into the headlines when the staff of Patients Without Time were arrested, in November of 2008. PWT was Maui's largest and longest running medical marijuana patient's co-operative in Hawaii. Chief Thomas Phillips stated Maui Police do "not believe in supporting the Medical Marijuana Program in its entirety."



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Please be aware: Hawaii's new mmj laws DO NOT take effect until January 2015!

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