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Marijuana is safe and effective medicine!

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"Helping medical marijuana patients acquire safe access to an adequate supply of their medicine is a "calling," not a crime." Our Director Brian Murphy served 5 months of a one year sentence in Maui jail for helping thousands of Hawai'i's registered medical marijuana patients acquire their medicine.


Mahalo Nui, for the support you've shown Director Brian Murphy in your letters, petitions, demonstrations, and the booth at the Earth Day festival! Director Murphy was released from the Maui jail on May 7, 2015! We welcome him back to work helping medical marijuana patients gain safe access to their medical marijuana.


Stop the corporate monopoly of our Home-Grown industry.

Send Gov. Ige an email today, asking him to VETO HB 321!

This is last chance to stop the unjust Marijuana Dispensary bill! It places millions of dollars of infrastructure, fees, and taxes on Hawai’i’s 13,000 seriously ill medical marijuana patients, while ignoring the billion-dollars-a-year of sales in Hawai'i's illegal marijuana industry.

Legalization would create thousands of businesses, raise substantial revenue, and finally grant patients safe access to an adequate supply of their medication. Polls show that over 50 percent of Hawai'i's citizens think marijuana should be legal. Folks are becoming educated to the real health benefits of medical marijuana, and the mainstream media reports new medical breakthroughs everyday!

Unfortunately, there is currentlyl no legal way to acquire medical marijuana in Hawai'i.

Some 13,000 people use medical marijuana here, but there's still no way for patients to legally buy pot. KITV 4, June 24, 3014.

Patients still can't legally buy pot, 14 years after medical marijuana law took effect, Hawaii News Now, Sept, 27, 2014.

"In 2000, the Legislature enacted the Medical Use of Marijuana law, which has been codified as Part IX of Chapter 329, HRS, the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. The law allows for the possession of medical of marijuana, by qualifying individuals, under certain conditions, and includes fees and registration requirements for medical marijuana patients and their caregivers, but does NOT provide a legal precedure to acquire medical marijuana.


Hawaii legislature congratulates PWT!

The Judge sent Brian Murphy to jail for doing the same thing the 2009 Hawai'i State House of Representatives congratulated him for.

A PEACEFUL SOLUTION - TAKE BACK AMERICA, by WILLIE NELSON, joined PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME as a statement to support folks right to consume marijuana.

.. "Legalize Marijuana, I think that's fair, isn't it?" ~Willie Nelson