Patients Without time

Veterans May Gain Easier Access To Medical Marijuana


How patients "acquire" medical marijuana in Hawai'i remains a "secret!"


Hawai'i's medical marijuana patients need senible medical marijuana laws. Unfortunately, for over 14 years the State of Hawai'i's laws have remained silent regarding how patients may acquire their medicine.

The Hawaii Medical Use of Marijuana [Physician & Patient Information] states: "State law is silent on how a patient obtains his/her marijuana."

If you do have questions regarding medical marijuana laws, procedures, products, research, or recipes; We can help you find the answers, and services, that you require to meet your medical marijuana needs.

PWT members understand the fears and frustrations that medical marijuana patients face. Our decade of helping Maui's medical marijuana patients, especially those who are dealing with recent diagnosis or imminent treatments, have shown us that answers need to be found quickly.

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WARNING: Many patients get most of their information from the internet, but be very careful, vidoes like this one may contain false information.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

This Hawaii News Now video about medical marijuana in Hawaii states "They (the Suganos) inject syringes filled with marijuana oil into their daughter twice a day." This is NOT TRUE. The video shows medical syringes filled with black oil, but they DO NOT INJECT CANNABIS into their daughter as the video says! She drinks it. The typical dose, for an adult cancer patient, is a small drop on the tongue, or eaten with a food carrier, such as bread, or encapsulated, for ease of swallowing. This mistake highlights the confusion regarding medical marijuana. Be sure to get the true facts.

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Please Note: Hawaii's new mmj laws DO NOT take effect until January 2015!

Read Hawai'i's current medical marijuana laws.

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